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Building this directory and maintaining takes major time, and adding listings takes every extra hour we have outside of our full time job. We just can’t do it all by ourselves and are looking for a little help. 

We are a small family owned operation competing against large media companies and national chains with deep pockets. Yet, we feel we offer a resource that is unparalleled in Cincinnati. We know our story is best told by locals who can show what we have to offer. Why should outside national companies located in San Fransisco tell our story? We don’t feel they should, and are trying to do something about it. Would you like to contribute to this website?

We are looking for Volunteer Contributors to help with:

  • Blogging / Article Writing
  • Adding Listings (Resources)
  • Submitting Images (Local Shots are Much Needed!)
  • Posting Upcoming Local Events

If you are interested in contributing any of these (including just sending us a picture of a local resource) we would love to have you. If you are an aspiring journalist or writer, we can possibly give you the platform. If you are a photographer would love to have your images for our listings. And if you own your own business or blog maybe we can give back and help promote your local business in the process. We are only looking for people who currently reside in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky Area.

As of now, this directory is expensive to run and not profitable, its more of a passion, we pay to run. So there is no pay involved as of yet, although that could change in the future. We are not quite sure how to make this all work just yet, but if we trust you in the future, we will give you access to be able to add content to this site directly somehow. If you have a passion for this sort of thing, we would love to have your help, making it better.

If interested please contact us to see what we can work out. Just click the Green Contact Form Button below and fill out the form.

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